Software Review


The project

Catapolt is a software review platform that receives an affiliate commission through the referrals it makes via it’s website. Catapolt Owner reached out to FatCamel unsure if we would be able to fulfill his requests through a WordPress website. He needed an easy to use platform that he was able to jump in and add new software products on and remove as he wished. We accepted the challenge and got started building right away. 


Catapolt Owner needed a website he was able to easily manage himself without too much up keep. He needed an easy way to insert his affiliate links into the site and really strong company profiles to display his reviews on. He also required a way to boost certain companies higher in the search rankings and a very clear affiliate disclosure. 

Our thoughts

Catapolt is one of the more advanced projects we have worked on here at FatCamel and we are super happy with how the site has turned out. We are able to meet the exact specifications of Catapolt and they now have an easy to use stunning website that allows them to advertise software companies and refer through affiliate links. This is not your typical WordPress website and required a lot of back-end development to change the software to allow us to utilise the e-commerce features to create company profiles. Overall this project went really well and the Catapolt team could not be happier with the site.