The project

ConvertedKicks in an e-commerce brand that provides a customisation service for shoes and accessories using authentic designer fabric. They came to us with a request to upgrade their Shopify website which had been the same since they first launched years prior to working with us. The Owner of ConvertedKicks, Kane had built the website himself but needed some expert help in improving his website as his business had grown over the years and outgrown it’s original design.


Kane wanted the ConvertedKicks website to look great, be easy to navigate around and clearly show the products he sells from his homepage. He wanted to promote the celebrity clients he has worked with while keeping a professional look and feel to his site. The website needed to be responsive as most of his customers come via mobile and needed to reduce his bounce rate. With all this in mind, started with a clean slate and re-designed his website from scratch.

Our thoughts

Kane at ConvertedKicks is a close friend of FatCamel and we have worked with him for a long time regularly updating his website. With thousands of visitors on his site every month and serving celebrity clients across the globe it has been essential for his site to look great. Shopify is a great platform for the back-end processes but has more restrictions when designing the front-end. We are pleased with how the site looks and the ongoing updates and adjustments we make to keep up with the times.