Property Management

Haydn Alexander Properties

The project

Haydn Alexander Properties is a property management business offering rooms across the UK. Owner Haydn approached FatCamel and asked us to create him a simple website with two sides to it for landlords and tenants. This project was a simple brochure website that explains what his business does and gives users an simple way to get in touch.


Haydn Alexander Properties needed a website that kept a professional look and feel to it. He needed a clear separation between landlords and tenants visiting the website and very legal terms and conditions for each. Haydn was happy to let us create and design the website as we liked as long the overall look remained professional.

Our thoughts

With a very simple design spec there is not a whole lot that could have gone wrong for this project however we are pleased with how the site looks and had some great feedback from Haydn Alexander Properties. We have delivered on the requirements set by Haydn and clearly separated the landlord and tenant sides to the site. The website looks professional, is easy to navigate around and gives their clients a clear way of getting in touch.