HR Business support

Tallann Services

The project

Tallann Services is a HR Business support service based in Wiltshire working with customers nationwide. Owner Krissy approached FatCamel when she first had the idea to launch her business to create a website her customers can visit to learn about her services and get to know her business. She didn’t need anything complex, but a simply and easy to navigate website that clearly explains who she is and what services she offers.


Krissy wanted to keep things simple, from design through to content. Her potential customers needed a clear way to get in touch to enquire about their services. It was super important to Krissy that the Tallann site kept a strong green brand throughout to match the logo, while keeping it looking professional.

Our thoughts

When we first started creating the website there was some concern around the brand colour and keeping the site looking professional, however we are really happy with the final design. We feel it represents the brand well without overdoing it with the green. We have used a variety of stock images which is designed to represent Tallann’s clientele. We continue to improve and expand the Tallann Services website regularly as the business develops overtime.